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when, in the fullness of time, our warships descend upon your world from the heavens...

so i fucked up my back doing push-ups yesterday morning, just fucked it right the hell up. i don't know how! treason of the first order, treason of the flesh, oh wicked skin-suit. james as a series of limitations. but never you mind! i'm fine now! for a while katja came over & we sat on the folded out futon together in near-silence playing video games against each other. then it was time for jenny! she came home with oriental medicines for me aches & pains! i credit my full recovery to her alchemical mastery of panacea. so while there was weed & drink for all, i partook of none. i am monastic! i've given up on life. they are the same thing, right? wait, monks get drunk, right? on all that beer. nevermind. i've been crippling my way around work, but i'm pretty much humpty-dumptied back together again. & they said it couldn't be done!

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