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sour twist of stomach.

out of joint with the vibe of things all last night. leave late, leave early, that seems to be my motto. seams around the edges leastaways. stayed home while jenny went off with jodi to her party, saying i'd meet up with them later (& i did). just all a gordian knot of a boy, though more like a gnomon knot, truth by told. i'm nothing if not the tool which casts a shadow. but in time i tame my traitorous flesh & after directing tourists around the trains, i get to jodi's party. i'm indistinguishable from nino's (non-exsistant) brother! after the sangria is gone, all i want from the evening is an end. my guts have gone all wonkey once more. but eventually the foursome we are detatchs from the tribe in search of adventure. when we get outside, my health improves we decide to smash it down anew! or well, it is my secret translation of their vices! kira demands fast food- so hot dogs! mini corn dogs! pizza! take THAT upset stomach! i'm a little bitter elf boy, wavering towards goblin, but it holds together at the seams. the train ride home wasn't even that bad of a torment. successfully managed another night! & so far this morning, too. but i sure wish jenny would wake up. though to be sort of honest (sort of honest being the most honest i can possibly be; perfectly honest is outside my abilities) she does look awfully beautiful curled up in slumber. maybe i should go kiss her & see if she wakes up; i read a story one time where that worked.

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