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further adventures in cancer!

the sounds of hideous arithmatic! the clicker-clack of cogs & springs sprung! these are the coils of the serpent that has you now, fangs sunken into your heel! what do your mother & father think of you! dressed up like some kind of CULTIST! talking about your blue orbs versus red orbs! that is whacko talk, not proper civilized talk! click-clack your spring heels together three times & off to the cheshire cat with you. stomach your qualms about vicious murder, for the situation demands it! time for decisive action: serial killing! attack & trouble! oh jack, you are a burdonsome lad, you are indeed. with your "w" waistcoat you confound all my subtle aims. you & the mad gasser of matton! with your devilish ways, with your sisters dressed up all in your clothes to baffle my agents, my faithful hounds. all my penny-dreadful children gather around auntie mordicai's skirts! now we dive, dive into the oceans of the hollow earth! look alive, starbuck!

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