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have no fear, little ones. mordicai has solved the riddle of the horrible rumor! that is right, like a spooky nancy drew, i've puzzled it out. so, DC is rumbling in its belly about this coming event, INFINITE CRISIS! they have been peppering clues for two years now, but the shit is finally sticking to the wall! in the prelude, blue beetle died & checkmate's black king was revealed to be the former head of the jla, max lord. so long blue beetle- you went out with style & grace! currently, the "countdown to INFINITE CRISIS!" storylines are running, which includes four various plots: 1) the spectre, seduced by eclipso while seperated from a human host, is wiping out magic in the DCU, 2) the super-villians of the DCU (all but six) are united now in the wake of the "identity crisis" fiasco, 3) batman's OMAC project has been kidnapped by checkmate & is at LEAST a superman level threat & finally 4) the planet rann (of adam strange fame) & thanagar (of hawkman fame) are at war, & are drawing in other galactic powers. one of these plots (no one is sure which) is going to lead to the INFINITE CRISIS!

now we get to the meat, the disgusting meat. once infinite crisis is resolved, all the comics are going to have their time line advanced ONE YEAR. in this year, some events of massive caliber are going to occur. for instance, in the PRO column, superman & lois lane are going too have a baby. this has been foreshadowed for quite some time, though the rumor is that it will be a boy, & not a girl. me, i think it should be lana lane-kent, but whatever. that is GOOD news. in WORSE news, barry allen is supposed to return. i have an opinion about that; i will get to it in a minute. in the WORST news. bruce wayne is going to retire as batman, & one of the robins is going to pick up the mantle. scuttle-butt is either dick or (somehow!) jason, but i'm not counting out tim, since the teen titans went into the future & found an older tim as batman. okay! what the FUCK!? bruce wayne retires??? apparantly a "legends of the dark knight" style line will still run, recounting "lost" adventures of bruce wayne batman, but FUCK. that is TERRIBLE!

except, i have the solution to the mind-fuckery. maybe. i think. it is my opinion that INFINITE CRISIS! will be the sequel to CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS. in "crisis on infinite earths", the story culminated with the destruction of all parallel universes, leaving only one amalgamated whole. it is now my guess that INFINITE CRISIS! will result in a splitting of earths, in a big bang of alternate worlds. thus, on earth-2, there might just be an older batman who retires (if you recall, on the original earth-2, batman was dead & robin was old). there might be an old superman with a child, though that could be earth-1 for my taste. but see, multiple earths allows all kinds of silly jiggery, without grossing anybody out! at least, that is my guess of what is coming. & i'm guessing a disembodied barry allen is the narrator of the thing, midwife-ing the multiple earths into exsistance.
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