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sometimes when i'm watching television, i'll look over & realize that no matter how mean jenny is (& she's mean, like a shrew or mink!) she will still be a nicer girlfriend than that mom on last night's re-run of trading spouses. what a total fucking bitch of the worst kind, of the fifth order. i tried as hard as i could to teleport when i watched that show, so i could punch her in the face. thats right, i don't have any problem with hitting girls. but i'm pretty sure nobody would have any ethical trouble with cleaning her clock (haha, ethics). besides, as jenny pointed out, it isn't that she doesn't pay enough attention to me, it is that she doesn't give me a preternatural ammount of attention. it is possible, though the chances are slim, that i have unreasonable expectations. small chance, right? right. anyhow, i've got to be careful! jenny has started bribing me with sex! she got to sleep on the futon last night because we had sex. that was the deal. wait a minute. do i like deals? am i a wheedler? not so much, but i sure do like to have sex with my girlfriend. oh dilemmas.

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