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but what if there is no santa claus!?

the beetle-helmeted ghostful curtains of light monsters from my dream went over well in my game yesterday; high AC but low "hit points" make for an annoying but decent combat. & of course, once again, the wytchleech was extraordinarily effective! you see, the ghostie-exsanguinators ("from an evil star of ill-omen!") can't go within 40' of a jack o' lantern (or at the very least, seem to prefer not to). so our intrepid adventurers carved themselves one & set out on the faerie roads. which is when the wytchleech struck, blowing out their lantern & eventually destroying it (but not before being critically wounded by the jayenesse poet balphus!) other things that went well include the meeting with iopa-re, the king of all foxes & hedgehogs. huge size, shell, spikes like a hedgehog, tail like an ankylosaur/porcupine, head like a fox. it forgot what it meant to be a man in order to know all secrets great & small! they placated it with worthy gifts (whew!) & it did some plot exposition.

things that went down diffrently than expected: well, they threw the biblioterat d' bete noir on the fire. so there goes that intellegent magic item! i can't fault them for it, & won't say whether it was the right thing to do; the only downside is to mordicai-land, since i'd put a fair bit of work into it. suffice to will see it recycled! somewhere. also, the flying albino monkeys? i thought would tear them apart! man i have seen fly-by attack rend a party like nobody's bussiness. but it turns out that pole-arms will fucking beat the living shit out of dive-bombing monkeys. once again, my player's competence surprised me! i'm proud of them.

i had a bunch of hand-outs ready for this game. i've bought a used copy of a huge art history book, & gone through the pages cutting out intresting things. like for instance, today they got a corroded orichalcum dagger; i used the picture of some ancient minoan knife, & wrote down its stats & accompanying description. & for like, the big quasi-magical locations, i cut out various examples of ancient architecture; i think the ruins of the pardal weirding focus were the best; i combined a whole bunch of pictures to make that one, but it all worked together really well, i think. i have some more in reserve; they will be revealed when the time is right!

so my two current players (hopefully to be joined by a third next session)
atahwa itsle: expert 2/magic-user 1. the aixtil courtesan!
his feats: sneak attack/combat expertise/courtesan (+2 bluff/diplomacy)/improved feint

balphus lore: expert 3 the jayenesse poet.
his feats: skill focus (jaynesse epics)/skill focus (something else?)/sneak attack/dowsing (ley line sensitive!)
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