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listing things always seems like a better option than a sort of strung-together (compare to strung-out) narrative of an evening. 1) katja & i drank some wine 2) then ate thai food 3) then bought cap guns 4) then attacked jenny with cap guns 5) then i found a wooden minstral mask! 6) then we watched batman 7) then we all drank wine 8) then we watched invader zim 9) then we went to bed. so i guess i did nine things yesterday! my oh my what a big day!

batman fucking ruled. now i will complain: there was not really any detecting, & ra's never once called batman "the detective." that is a real shame, but i'm personally invested into that aspect of their relationship. also, what is up with bruce wayne wearing his hair on his forehead? stop that! but really, those are my complaints. probably the strongest character was scarecrow, actually. "wanna see my mask?" what the fuck! way to be, dude, you were irish guy. & yeah, gary oldman actually apparently IS jim gordon. the part with him in the batmobile was a bit over the top for my tastes, but i didn't mind. because the movie fucking ruled. batman sure scares the fuck out of bad guys!

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