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i invariably spend my mornings throwing clothing against the wall as hard as i can. stupid shirt, stupid pants, stupid mordicai! i hate the heat, i hate the sun, & i hate myself. & everyone else. & & & look at those fucking ampersands. like zorro waving his rapier about, tracing shapes in the air like a kid with a sparkler. sword kill kill kill! oh sure i'm fucking miserable, but who do you think is to blame! hahaha because i have an idea...& it is you! you fucking....I WILL KILL EVERYONE! dslakfjlk;askdjfslakj i hate everything & just threw my shirt into the red section of the apartment. red! red section! evil barber attacks with straight razor! no wounds will mend again! i will bleed you all into the grave! black widows will poison will rattlesnakes! you will die alone in the desert! i will never allow you to eat from the honey comb! where is the hive to calm my savage moods! i am as stale as the gum in a pack of baseball cards! you lack nutrients! BUZZ ABOUT ME, ANGELS! but still i am washed up here upon this beach! i bet there is something in the sand that makes me crazy! it could be you know! you better hope i don't find a crate of tnt! because i am in no mood for this shit! no mood! ARG I AM LONESOME! (my girlfriend is at the dentist!) goblin goblin goblin! wait! i will cope by being a goblin. in a creaky haunted house!

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