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i slowly give up on punctuation.

fade, oh embers, but know that no matter how dim a smolder, i will remember your warmth. how dim a soldier, i will remember your birth. this lonely fucking head i've got can't help it, even long after the worm has ceased to struggle on the hook. but put that aside, set that within the glass jar of the wallachia engine & take up your coronet, oh prince! we will sing you a dirge & play the organ music as you ascend towards heaven to do battle! oh mordicai, don't you worry your handsome little head, your crooked widow's peak, your dirty mind. 's cool, 's cool, man. i know everybody has their own shit to take care of, & that my "total war on heaven without quarter" line has got to go stale, fast. i don't hold you against it. or i mean, hold it against you. this knife i might hold against you, this wall i might hold you against. but blame is for those intrested in guilt, which i'm not. but i'm very, very intrested. i'm your classic villain. i've got this agenda, see...

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