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no, thanks-- i'm in training!

don't get me riled up!

when i was done deducing a unified theory of magic, the evil forest ekatarina came along with a boquet of wickedness in tow. we made like anti-christs with the wine; jug & two giant bottles for starters. the man at jfk's chicken made a funny impersonation of a russian woman! he was baba yaga you betcha! to then katja & i "hung out." i read some conan the barbarian stuff, she fooled around on the computer. i sure like that sweet pea! finally then, jenny came home! i was missing her pretty fierce. all foul things lurking in the cobbled streets of brooklyn skitter away when she comes out to play! she's the queen of this kind of jungle, i've discovered. so we fed her beer, & the three of us laid upon the couch. i was a mack daddy! eventually the time came to bottle the faerie! say goodbye to the wine, & to katja, for we are sending it in a black package into manhattan. taxi cabs are like stealth bombers, i figure. you never know what one will discharge. you hear me gotham! number one...with a bullet!

now the guys at jfk chicken are my friends, so when i order spinach rolls, i get 'em!

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