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the broken finger foods.

i firmly think most shows, plays, stories in general? could be turned from tragedy to just straight drama with the addition of a few characters. buffy wouldn't have died if they had a cleric! i mean, she's the fighter, right? willow is the magic-user, spike is the thief. giles is the plot exposition npc & xander is the hireling. where is the cleric, i ask you? nowhere to be seen. that thought there is a nice encapsulation of my plans for today. i plan on sitting around the apartment naked, washing some dishes, & writing about my dnd classes. if i feel like i've done my duty on that front, maybe i'll go to the park- what i'd like to do in a better world would be to write in the park, but the computer probably gets no reception there, & also i'm pretty sure that isn't the sort of thing jenny would approve of me doing with her computer, & since she's already mad at me...

post-script, though: when i say "deep space" i mean the long dark between galaxies, not between stars. fuck, that shit is like, neighborhood.
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