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"you say pathology, i say adaptation to a new tommorow."

prick thy finger upon the loom, sleeping beauty! or at least, so speak my heavy eyelids. i can feel them sink unevenly on my face, crooked from the stitches. o serpent slitted shutters. but my sharp tongue slashes out here & there. just malice from me, just general ill-will towards all. come along now, daddy only wants what is worst for you! i will see your hopes broken to rubble before the throne, i'll show you not a shine of diffrence between a crown & a halo. ho-hum ho-hum. here i am gnawing on bones to pass the time. before too long i'll glimmer off all along a darkesome road through an evil forest, consort with giant spiders. it is my way. iron & darkness. in 10^1500 years all the matter in the universe would decay into the most stable element, iron, & all would be darkness. but don't you worry your pretty heads about that big number with all the zeros. auntie mordicai will bring upon you the iron & darkness long before then. it is my way. maybe you will haunt that world as ghosts! but i doubt it.

question: if r.kelly can't read past an 8th grade level, is it okay for r.kelly to fuck 8th graders?

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