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i would say i guess i broke katja again, but she was a froth of mirth upon the cup of brooklyn when she left here. i tucked her into a black cab, folding her wings to keep them from getting smashed, & off she went. she came to work to hang out with me; read some comics, drank some beer & then we left. walked through the park, drank some wine, had some japanese food. drank some wine, met up with my peaseblossom feyling jenny, & then went to the bar. tore up all everything into tiny little pieces, eventually got a table outside. i was drinking mostly cranberry & vodka with katja, jenny drinking brooklyn lager, but my last drink was a grapefruit juice & gin, even though i ordered a pineapple juice & gin. so that was that! i fine recipe for an evening! like perfume upon the brow of the king! but alas, katja is now saying she is fleeing the country? woe is mordicai. on the plus side, my pedestal'ed jenny totally gave it up last night. i like the conforting drunken sex, when it comes down upon me. we angels in tatters. (really good drunken sex, too.)

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