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everytime i hear "old" people complain about how complicated technology has gotten? like this fucking guy on npr who is talking about cars & the internet? everytime i hear somebody over 40 talk this way ("why doesn't it work? why does it have to be so complicated!") i think of some idiotic greek or babylonian or sumerian or something complaining about looms or some shit. i think about a boring old monkey yelling at a special monkey about how hard it is to use fire. i mean, this guy was like, offended that things are so tough to use these days...he parlayed it into some cyberpunk kind of broke-down future where technology can't be relied on. i don't know how to really explain this jackhole. just very much a neoluddite bitch whose life has been damaged by his inablity to adapt, but a dumb fucker who doesn't understand this. suck bullets, planet earth! kassam! scud! kattam-shud!

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