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chris latta: "was a man!"

it is tough to summon up the real hurt to make a decent diary entry tonight. i mean, sure i've got a heart two-thirds empty, i've got a crown lost among the coral of oceans dead since patagonia split up major divorce style. the thing is...i've got a pretty competant fucking handle on my shit. i mean, okay, as far as real world, wendy darling shit goes, i still have miles to go, i'm still a mess. okay, i'll give you that, but i will hold aloft the handling of the loan consolidation as some kind of talisman. the more i think of wendy shit as a video game, the better i can handle it. but man, look at me! i've got the girl & the gotham! the basic details of my banal life are already the darksome faerietale sort of shit. so okay. also did i mention a couple of swedish girls who happen to know the volume of the jelly beans in the jar of hate? maybe i have big old cold iron furnace heat for the internet tonight. i'm in a good mood. i didn't get enough jenny? but such are the vagarities of our occupations. our goofing around will be enough to tide us over for some time. luckily for everyone involved, she has my number, & tugs my chains at the appropriate moments (as well as the not so much). maybe for me this silent sort of encroaching upon the territory isn't enough. tepes this place. set the pikes of our enemies upon stakes until the host of heaven blanches. & all the world are our god-damnned foes.

quite honestly i feel very cheerful. of course, cheerfulness is synonymous with cruelty.

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