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dear katja: plug in your phone.

the other night i had this anecdote of a stupid childhood. mordicai was reborn when i was three years old, wearing a raiders sweatshirt, looking up at a sky criss-crossed with space craft. those eyes awoke again, to the dull confusion of youth. when i was in first grade i made a card-board backpack & hooked it to this gun. this fancy ghostbuster's light gun which would show pictures on the wall, that you could alter by turning a cam. slimer, the logo, that sort of stuff. anyhow, no one really had explained to me the premise of a "talent show," so in first grade, i thought this constituted a "talent" maybe. i'm still not sure why it doesn't. i ain't 'fraid of no ghost. but the moral of the story is: you are all fucking against me but i don't even care. in fifth grade, katrina houston, a 6th grader & the ugliest girl in the school, did this rendition of janet jackson's "two steps forward, one step back" song with this fat girl. so i'm guessing i didn't miss much by being drummed out during the audition.

that happened to me.

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