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sinister wind chimes!

success! i am the king of dungeon masters. mid-way through their third session they make it to level two. okay by me! the day started with dickering around with the conspiracy prodigy! well, well, really the scaring & chasing by the wytchleech, my favorite recurring npc of all. then the conclaving with brahm clavell stroub. he even got to use a prestige class ability to make a disguise check as a standard action! sweet as iceing. speaking of sweets, bernie brought indian sweets & mike & amy made chili. i ate the chili at one go, without picking! a big deal, considering the peppers & tomatos. i thickened it to gruel with guacamole, sour cream, & cheese. everyone was surprised to find out i hate eating. anyhow, back in game, they got, as a reward: citizenship, a mule, two weeks of rations for two people, fancy scroll cases, a shovel, an axe, a map, a silver dagger, some water skins, a tent, two bedrolls, two blankets & 8 marks. atahwa's mother gave the pcs polearms, then jebedai gave atahwa his old leather duster & crossbow. now....adventure! they leave blaine, the fortress city, the city of orphans & bastards behind, to set out for...adventure!

days one through three were largely uneventful. balphus played cards with some guys, atahwa got a piece of ass, they met a cool shepard, they stayed at a monstic brewery & still managed to be bitchy to the helpful & nice brewest monks! but then came the flooded swamps. balphus kept failing his fort saves & was fatigued; they at one point scared off a giant owl that wanted to eat their mule. so far, so good. the players are canny! they have survival skills & are probing ahead with their polearms! they have got this swamp thing sorted out. except...ghosts! or zombie-ghosts! or the clutchy corpses of murder victims. but they've gone a little down that road! bernie had told me he wanted to explore the artist side of his i naturally thought of forensics. what!? so they got the broach & made it past the swamps & into the forest.bbwhich is where i had my great coup, if mike is any judge. the sinister windchimes! metal, cooled into shapes not possible with a crystaline structure. metal, unbreakable, dagger-shattering. windchimes, singing 1/pi notes instead of 1/25 notes. you know i mean unearthly when i say it. i mean alien as all fuck out. i mean windchimes, i mean your compass is broken & now only points to here instead of north. be creeped out & go investigate again! then FUCK with it, go on i dare you. poor little mule. he had to be made an example of. well at least the players scurried away without bothering to salvage their tent, at least they made their will saves...all to get to the little thorpe of dolebury.

then...vagina faced boy! or well, it is like a vagina, ringed with eyes, & cillia that double as both eyelids/moisteners & mouth-parts.

i opened the book just the once to find out the radius of light shed by a lantern. 30'
Tags: campaign1, dnd, oubliette

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