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i've heard rumors, fucking strugglings along the cobweb. but i don't know; i got so mad when she was talking about the keys i stole from the voodoo fuckers that i almost lost my hard-on. but we trudge on past difficulty. we servants of the old gods of ruin. but this alas-&-alack angel is in a good mood. you see, as stupid & sleepy as things with her are? i mean, we've all heard the rumblings upon the horizon. you have, havn't you? man i am talking to this mirror & all i can do is curl up fists. i'll find out if bullets can kill a doppleganger, don't you worry. these hands, these teeth? let me assure you that i can finish anything you get us into. oh goodnss, we are "fronting" now, arn't we? oh too much uncle jesse! have mercy! not the hair!

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