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t'was mordicai what smote the beast! aye, round perdition's horn we did make chase, we merry band of wicked booksellers. sir christopher dante, earl of long it was which sighted it, & ere the end had proved himself a gentleman & a soldier thrice over! t'was peter, whose blazon is the lizard all off chrome, that himself did set the hue & cry, as all hell was wrecked! ford david madox, our gaelic (& sanguine) companion did himself set about the beast with shovel & tongs! many a peasent, here within our domicile for the purchase of a penny dreadful or bit of scrib'ed parchment, was spooked! did jump straight out of their stockings! but i, the blackguard of the deepest wells of night, did swat that fucking squirrel with the broom, making a grandslam out the front door. & that was how the beast was vanquish'ed!

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