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peeled rattlesnakes.

this corral of a brain, all these thoughts penned in. though more like coral, swarmed over with moray eels. creep up over the horizon, black sun (swarming with sunspots)! cast your execrated shadow upon this pumpkin pie landscape. i mean, i feel cast out, right? washed up on the beach of the morning, lungs full up with the dark water of dreams. it's like the nautili are as extinct from dreams as ammonites are from the oceans. i woke up a couple of times last night, anchorless, tossed on the waves of slumber. hid in the bathroom & bit my thumb. my grey matter is a rich loam for these beans, these beans i traded our cow for. & in dreams i climb the stalk to heaven, a dark heaven peopled by giants. homeless giants playing music on a comb with wax paper wrapped around it. & i'm caught in this tangle of yarn, i'm caught up like clyde champion barrow was swept up by destiny. & just like him, they'll never take me alive.

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