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this song is five minutes long? fuckin'-a!

whatever, i'm mordicai, i'm so sad! i've got a lingering feeling of being incomplete that you mere mortals will never comprehend! you think i don't know the fucking score! like this is some amazing psychological experiment? you stupid fucking jerk-water-berg bitches! i've had holes twisted into my gut by bigger horse-flies than you! houseflies than you. oh man i made that kid wear a noose around his neck for a week in boyscouts. yeah boyscouts, shit i miss that action. two weekends out of every month spent doing post-apocalyptic training? i've known how to shoot a gun, fire a bow, use a knife, light a fire? all that shit since i was a little shit. i mean, war has been bred into me, life after life, age after age. i've spent 65 million years waiting for this. & soon the kali yug (you know you were in the age of iron, right? it has been obvious, since the '45. you know, right?) will pass. the star of the evening will set into darkness. yama will breathe like you dream, right out loud. you are a fucking liar, but the mordicai yug has begun. when i start my shit, there will be no more cycles. but what do i know. i am very, very lonely. i have this girl? i love her more than i could imagine. seriously? she fucking KILLED me one time, but here i am anyhow. she'd be enough to ease this disquiet, but she is asleep on the couch. the futon! i hate it

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