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i hope she fries, i'm free if that bitch dies...

the first fucking lesson to be had here is: MAX FUCKING STERLING. when you beat the alien ace in deadly hand to hand combat? fucking ask her to marry you. you are through fucking around! no more arcade games, no more arial duels to the death! you've got your gu-11 gunpod in hand & you will be fucked if you take guff from less than BREETAI. he is not made as weakly as you are! i mean fuck, i'm not supposed to have this big empty place inside the middle of me, a big hollow lacunae. but i am i guess supposed to. things are proceeding according to plan, i'm betting. alright, i'll not monkey wrench things. you think i don't also have my bets laid? go on & spin the roulette wheel. i've got all my chips on black, & a .45 in my pocket in case of green. as for red. well. i'll put my trust in the queen of it, won't i? i'll pucker up & pose for the daguerrotype. you children of man. you are dirt & water; you are clay. my people are iron & darkness; we are gnomon.

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