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no blood on my knuckles!

1. woke up to a waking up love-jenny.
2. went the fuck back to bed.
3. zzzzz.
4. dream.
5. wake the fuck up. dreams are for suckers.
6. i will grapple. like khan to kirk. i love you.
7. into manhattan, zoom zoom! read batman comic.
8. meet katja, my pal & former apprentice.
9. go to asian pub, discovered by my pal scribble.
10. eat edamame, dumplings, mussels, lycheetini.
11. get ice cream cone. "fossil fuel" they call it.
12. sit in park with katja, on the grass.
13. watch gymnasts with good hype.
14. buy ekatarina cigarettes. xo.
15. get on the f train back to brooklyn.
16. go to my dnd game.
17. find out gerd has flaked; also, meet new player.
18. get involved in kobold/orc combat; pick orcs.
19. fuck kobolds! kill all zombies! hate!
20. it's a trap!
21. casuality #1. chester dies on dc ten swim check.
22. trip to buy polish beer.
23. go up a level!
24. go home mordicai!
25. take a shower; jenny is allergic to stupid cats.
26. jenny i love is fussy! look out!
27. eat chicken nuggets. spicy!
28. jenny fell asleep on the futon! aww!

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