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th'nng jah va houwang.


girlfriend climbs into bed in the morning, after passing out on the couch last night. eventually i wake up, get ready, go grocery shopping: i get her soup, coffee (in the hopes she'll do laundry), & a bagel. just a quick run to the mexican grocery. blow the scene, & get kidnapped by the trains! zooming me to crown heights! fuck utica! so i negotiate my way back to flatbush. stupid, stupid 2 train. then i hung out at work by myself being a little unhinged for the next several hours. read some comic books, basically stalked around the store being mister manager. christopher finally came in around 2:30, then i ordered....mexican! feast abounds! then peter-sulk came in. then neville hung around! & comic-book kid! comic book kid is the kid who browses the erotica & then reads comics for a while without ever buying anything. i don't mind. we're formative in his childhood! fucking ankle-biter. then work was DONE! this is the story now of what i did after work. it was raining & the 2 train was running on the lexington avenue line, aka express, so i did the transfer to the r train. fuck that shit. um, okay. drank a cup of coffee (so very tired!) & then picked up MORE groceries. this time from the real grocers. cottage cheese, frozen pizzas, frozen stuffed pastas of various kinds, carrots, mustard, pickles, probably some other stuff. then jenny did some jiggery with the computer, we watched monty python, & now she is in bed & i am watching alex baldwin be nakedish.

that is what i "did" today. you think. but really, mostly i advanced my wicked agenda 3 points. not bad on a 500 point plan.

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