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the black wall of lamentation.

these cobwebs of buildings. not a haunting to be had. i'd relish a ghost from elsewhere besides myself. spring forth from some other sucker's head, athena. i am in no mood. too often of late have my thoughts been troubled by glaciar & tundra. all this fucking ice, & the dragon within it. the poison within it, for what is a dragon if not the most venomous of all those which bear scales? hollow, vacant icebergs. so suddenly i'm the expert on salvage laws? jetsam & flotsam & lagan are all about me in a halo. a lacunae, really, since i don't so much do radiance as hunger. i'm so very empty, here upon your world. the gates of heaven are yet closed to me. will you not give to me of your breath, of your very heart's blood? selfish, you children of the second empire. your successors will not share your flaws. already the time grows short. soon the mordicai yug will be upon you. for know you not that you dwell in in the age of iron? how can you ignore the terrible weapons? dorkasaurus rexes.

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