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the other night jenny summed up my brain by saying "you think there are angels inside the walls." a not entirely unfair statement. fuck, getting down to brass tacks & iron nails, that is pretty much what we are left with. at least, from an outside-in teasing sort of perspective. the other bits are the important parts, at least to me. the parts about being only a third of a whole, of abandonment & exile. those are the consecrated wounds. anyhow, just musings, ruminations. watched white noise tonight. not a very intresting film, though the suspense isn't entirely poorly executed. hairs raised, if not a full ninety degrees. the documentries were kind of maddening. parapsychologists talking about experiments when they don't know the first thing about it, like popper never wrote a single god-damn word. i miss the alchemists. though missing alchemists is like missing dinosaurs- look at all the pretty birds! except fucking pigeons. a baby pigeon almost crapped on my after work today, shitting its wormy feces all over everything. anyhow, i brough home a bunch of buyback books, cheap, including a $3 watchmen & a $180 dollar anatomy book for $5. anyhow, watching crummy suspense movies just remind me of the mothman prophecies, how i like it & no one else does. & driving home with roxanne from who knows where & her telling me she hates me because now that she knows me, she gets that movie.

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