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despite a failure of a morning, tasks generally scattered & only partially accomplished (silverware, for instance, remaining unwashed) i had one of those evenings where everything has come together just so. ekat came over, & we went to fuji-san for sushi. her mother had left her with bundles of cold hard american cash, so she was gracious enough to treat, including picking up jenny take-out. as we bought butter & cigarettes i coached her on the proper terminology for homeless people: hobo, a dobo (double hobo), a trobo (triple hobo), a double dobo (quadruple hobo) & a nobo (i ain't no hobo!) then we bought wine. this bears mentioning on account of how the bajan lady at my liquor store thinks katja is my girlfriend. it started when i went there with olive. then just, ever since, she sees blonde hair & assumes that this is my oft mentioned girlfriend, since, see, jenny doesn't like buying alchohol. a quirk that is respectable, but results in the humorous mishap of the barbadian lady thinking that blonde= mordicai's girl. we came back here, jenny ate her sushi, we started drinking & watched the unfairly maligned death to smootchy. then i walked katja to the subway, swiped her in, & came back home to a sleepy girl. i still got lucky! laying on top of her, doing it from behind. then she shrugged me off & went to sleep, leaving her cute bottom exposed to the world. eventually i covered her up with an afgan, but let me tell you, i wasn't eager to do so. then when i checked my email, i found out that chikako had joined catch27 & left me cute broken english messages in response to my broken-nihongo. okay! things are corpse-roses tonight. lets round up our enemies & tear out their hearts to make sure the sun never rises. this whole "night" thing is very suiting to my style.

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