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dammit. i really like the spinach rolls from the jfk chicken around the cornor from me, but it seems like 50% of the time, i get a pizza roll instead. today is marked with such frustrations. i was going to do laundry but the place nearest to us (that only takes quarters) is closed. the place further from us, however, requires a card to operate the machines, & i couldn't find it & it turns out it was in jenny's purse all along. so it looks like i'll continue to either wear faded black or disguises. but on the plus side, i have gotten ahead a little in my planning for my next dnd session in two weeks. now all i have to do is properly conspire regarding gerd's one shot, & we will be all set. now i'll rub my hands together like cricket wings until a sort of chirping is all the announces my presence as i sneak among the corn stalks to kill again.

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