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sunday hit like a ton of feathers- you'd think it is lighter than a ton of bricks, but you'd be wrong. but it wasn't nothing more than a heavy morning; lift that burden, mordyphus! heave-ho! i'm off to luncheon with katja & nineof26 before you know it; eventually scribble joins us there at the lemongrass. i get a bangkok box of string bean & some kind of spicy chilibasil sauce. then from there, to the start of martak's new odyssey dnd game; my character & bernie's druscilla-ish monk really, really hate zombies. & teleporting cities. & my list keeps going- things with tentacles, things with thorns sticking out of their flesh, things that arn't birds with beaks...basically stuff mordicai thinks is cool, mister endicott clay does not truck with! then i came home, showered the cat hair off me (with a jenny in the shower with me!) had sex & went to bed.

today has been alright. i formed a plan of action! i have a map, & a sextant, & little miniature cannons & cavalry to move around on the map to represent my "forces"! it is going to be a fuck-all of a battle. my sappers will undermine the city walls! scribble stopped by & we had a few beers around the cornor before he went back into town to prep for take-off. also, cortney called me having an "m" day, hating her guts & flesh & thinking only of the rotten insides of a sea lion. & maybe tonight katja will stay at my place? or maybe not.

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