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big money...big prizes!

this weekend was chapter two in the saga of scribblecidal's odyssey to gotham city. i met up with him on friday, brain swaddled in gauze, & we went to "the asian pub," where we drank lycheetini's, mohitos, & yogurt drinks on the cheap, while being fed plate after plate of gratis edamame. after that, we took to wandering, & came upon the ukrainian festival. i wasn't sure what to call the festival...was it ukrainian week? ukrainian weekend? regardless, we watched lazy dancers, a dancing child, & a shriveled scribbleclone. my brain was starting to ravel itself back together again, so far so good. we darted through some toy shops to kill time (i was waiting for the gorgeous jenny to call me up, buttercup baby), & even stopped in a psychic. my rule of thumb is that i won't go to a psychic unless they look at me & say "good lord in heaven, not you!" or something to that effect. this chick just rattled off nonsense from the top of her head- fuck her. she told scribble that everyone is out to get him, though. which is probably true. anyhow! then we went & played on a playground, scribble banged up his shin, & we met jenny! she's so lovely, if tired & crabby. but she came out, she made the effort & it paid off. we got something to eat at the ukrainian street fair, then stopped into burp castle for a beer each. we had a nice little nook marked out- & the monk was drunk. from there we went to the ukrainian bar, since the bartender on tuesday had enthusiastically tried to get us to agree to come. it was PACKED. usually myself & whoever i go with are the ones in the bar; this time, ukrainian festival had moved in with a passion & a vengence. we were met by christopher & peter, gerd & bernie. eventually we went home, jenny & i obnoxiously pestering bernie with questions about his sexuality. i guess i said everyone was going to die of aids? i'm funny like that. anyhow- i had a great time with jenny & scribble et al. that bernie guy is a-okay, too. he's the newcomer to the scene.

saturday! brand new day, says sting! okay, okay, shuffle off to work. lame lame lame, i talk to kingtycoon for a while, danny comes in to type up her paper (she doesn't work here anymore, but we're still friendly), i read some comics, work on some dungeons & dragons, & so on. eventually nine of 26 comes to visit me (of course! he is in town as well, dummy. seeing episode iii without him would be weird) & brings me a belated birthday gift of clone wars risk. christopher comes in as we are trying to figure out how to play it. like the bomb has been dropped. by the time we get going, we don't have so much time to play. it is nine & chris against myself as the separatists. & i crush them, baby, i wipe them out. all of them. it is a fun little version. anyhow, i'm feeling pretty finished off by closing time, & jenny is sitting at home in a sulk for no good reason, so i sidecar up & head back to my lair. we lay around & watch gilmore girls & drink wine. i'm a good boyfriend.

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