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ex-boyfriend fight! fire the ex-girlfriend batteries! huddah-huddah-huddah! crash! smash! the thing is of course that i'm not really mad. i understand the still liking those who have gone before thing. especially when the skirt they hide within is that of the nebulous relationship. i mean, yeah, 1000 years ago she cheated on me, but that isn't part of this. the cheating on is one of those thing that, seen from above, is clearly inevitable. & that, while never forgiven, is accepted. moved beyond. forget that. it is just...she has to go to providence to visit him! why can't he come here? & also, there is the jealousy issue. why can't cortney or danielle be decent friends to me? okay, danielle, scratch that out. i'd never be so foolish as to rely on her. but the pat/cortney thing has a lot of parallels. & i mean, cortney hasn't totally abandoned me. i just, i don't know, wish things were diffrent. anyhow, it wasn't a real fight, either, not with jenny. i just have to be faux dramatic every so often. i guess it comes down to the fact that i rely on her, on jenny, but don't dare put my faith in anyone else. you fuckers, you fucking assholes, none of you can be trusted. everybody has a knife in their hand, brutus mojo pumping at full volume. don't be shy, bitches, you fucking traitors.

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