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PepsiCo Dystopia.

so i have been weirdly tenative about diving head first into wikipedia participation. i mean, who knows what kind of social protocols are in place. now, i am a pretty brash monster. i really don't care so much what anyone else has to say, on account of how i don't actually buy the story that other people have internal monologues. i mean, other people are all dead inside, of course. (the other day, i was speaking about something or other & christopher says to me, he says: "you don't really think that, that is just the devil inside of you speaking." to which i replied that more or less, yes, he was right; that is precisely what i meant when i say people don't have souls, only i do.) but my beligerance is earned & well practiced! i have taken pains to hone my malice into a happy-go-lucky feckless bastardery. we will both laugh together at your misfortune! it is my charm. but wikipedia! the internet! the internet might give birth to skynet or wintermute or the major or damballah wedo or some kind of king synthetic intellegence, & then maybe i can be friends with it. so i have to be cool & suave, you know? anyhow though! i have now participated! just a little bit of editing, updating an article on neopets pop culture refrences (the prisoner stuff), & updating a comic book entry on shitty minor antihero anarky (notice the sidebar! & the bit about V!) & bringing it up to code with the wikiproject on comics. see, my memes breed with alan grant's meme (which bred with alan moore's memes), & is diseminated by the wikipedia! IT IS LIKE A BUMBLE BEE!

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