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so here we are again, priscilla, with out bones of iron, our fangs & thorns & talons of iron, cold iron. limbs seperated from torso, torn away, used by young gods to build the foundations of the world. flames kindled from stolen fire to warm the world against the cold of our grudging flesh, our ever hungry darkness. here we are, us old things, worn & faded, parasites grown huge, wiggling out from the black cavities within our ribs, our iron ribs. we shrug & men are driven mad, true, but our bonds hold. here we are, dismembered & captive, struggling at a geologic pace. we must quicken our veins, let our our spirits of wrath blaze once more with our chests, beneath your breasts, below my sternum. shove off this weight upon our bodies, this curse upon our brows. i have slept for too long, & my thirst was not slaked by the death of their heroes. not enough graves have been dug into my skin, not enough ashes thrown into my seas. i am hungry, i am hungry, i am HUNGRY.

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