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ernesto che enemy!

i ran my dnd game today! people are afraid of the witchleech! it will....burn you! & bleed you! it did to that one guy, anyhow. i'm feeling confident about getting back behind the dm's screen. i think the first 9/10ths of today were solid, & the last 10th was mostly running out of steam & sort of a brick wall in trying to get martak's character motivated to involve himself. the crawl-space thing went as well as i was hoping. all in all, bricks were laid! i think i did pretty well; i'll do better in two weeks time, when i'm more prepared. also, my players are not dumb; they're sleuthing away, always the detectives. it is nice to see i retain my dm-improvising skills. oh, & i like this new guy bernie pretty swell style. it became clear after being email boyfriends on saturday that he "gets" it. also, he's handy to have as a player- he has a knack for humoring the dm. i'm going to go right ahead & count it as a win for the mordicai-team. you hear that team? we win. now, if only i could figure out a good way to make the spell caster & the mystic knight classes multi-class well. uh, hrm. anyhow, next session starts with them going to the goblintown neighborhood of blaine's lower ward. should be a heck of a fun time...usually everyone wants to avoid goblintown! i <3 goblins. in martak's new game, starting next week, i'm playing a gnome scout. my character concept is roughly this: i grew up in (kosovo), dodging bullets, trying to live a life. eventually, my parents saved up enough gold to get my sorry ass out a la joe kavalier. this was prompted by the use of (wmd), in particular, the neco-whammy of ravenous zombie hordes. so i got out & fled to the more temperate lands of my aunt & uncle. that is right. i am the ex-pat wwii jew zombie survivalist. i am the cutest, it is true.

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