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dressed all up in rags, at the zombie prom.

invincible! so far, so good. the walking dead havn't even busted in the front glass doors on the building. but i'm counting the first floor a wash, anyhow. most of the interior i'm trying to avoid, though i think the stair-well is pretty effectively blocked off. i've brough a whole bunch of step ladders to the roof with me, so all the rooftops of the adjoining buildings are accessable as well. anyhow, i drank the bottle marked "zombie lord" about an hour ago. i'm starting to see sparks in my vision, but other than that, no effect. stupid snake oil salesman! we'll see what his tonic has to offer i guess. it is the least i can do. anyhow, time for s'mores! i sure love post-apocalyse level zombie infections. cheers me to no end.

jenny is sick, so mostly we've been hugging close to the wall of the building, staying away from the cusp of the ledge. watching a lot of gilmore girls. the other night i went out to that ukrainian bar again, meeting up with some of my dungeons & dragons guys. the game has kind of been on an unreliable-dm hiatus, & on account of that we've shed a few players. enough to make things kind of unmanagable. so eventually martak & i decided to throw down the gauntlet & start from scratch. so this sunday we're played my "mazes & mordicai", martak, & gerd are the old firm, with this guy bernard rounding out the party to the minimum needed of three. the sunday after that is martak's "omg wtf demogorgon" game, where i'm playing a gnome scout & the newbie is this guy brandon. so that is good news; my dose of weekly geek was dangerously out of balance, what with all these comic books. hey! speaking of comics, it is free comic book day! i have to remember to go to that shop on nostrand when it opens. one of the comics is about marsh & cope fighting over dinosaur bones!

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