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don't fucking tread on me!

apparently the words "x-wing" are only said once in all of star wars, by an imperial officer at the end of the empire strikes back. SO FUCKING WHAT? what the fuck else do you think they were going to call it, you god-damn face-fucker? it is so clearly an x-wing that i want to track down the fucking actor who played that officer, stab him in the throat with a pen, & then fuck that hole until he choked on my semen. just fucking rot into the ground after that, bucko, your job is done! thanks to you, now everyone knows what to call those things! you piece of garbage. i fucking son of a bitch. & now david expects me to be able to read peter's mind or fucking see the future. how about this is the future: fuck you!

i'll ben franklin your fucking ass, i'll chop you up like a god-damn snake!

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