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the escape!

i was messed up! but so what, would you let that stop you? maybe you would! but i strangled those catapillars crawling within my skull, & put my ass on the train! chug-a-chug-a-choo!-choo!, except as i was going over the bridge gerd was all "oh man, i went home, anyhow!" so when i got into manhattan it was all "where is the action! where is the excitement!" & i was going to get a hot dog (dog is an anagram of "god!" oh man!) but instead i was all calling up ravenface & he was like "bbq! bar-b-fucking-q!" which yeah! okay! so i train-bussed over to red hook, where agenesis lives with his lady! we had a) hamburgers b) hotdogs c) pork chops d) chicken e) a few beers. it was in the back patio of a bar! but yeah, it was a good time, & i saw that guy that lived in the building matt used to live in. also, there were lots of fighting dogs, & the music was pretty okay. then jen gave me a ride home! car rides are sweet. that is what happened to me. then i went to bed. while i was asleep jenny was talking in her sleep! i told her she was talking about batman, & she agreed. that is why my girlfriend is the awesomest. fuck!

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