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eclipse, oh sun.

the dandilion's green, the blue of the compass rose; these colours all indented in the surface of the lonely planet like proteins in the skin of the cell. the film of muddy atmosphere over it, baking in radiation. the brown & green & blue of a child's marble, sent skittering across the pavement. the long blink of night & day; the flicker of seasons like silk slipping of a girl's shoulder. oh world condensed, calming, soothing, mud caking, green spreading, blue sub-dividing. & on & on, till the impact, till dirt once more scattered upon the winds, till the slow white creep of glaciars. the winter stirred up like a cast upon a broken limb. then again the see-saw of seasons. tilll the slam dance, mother fuckers, dance within those caverns & howl! paint upon the walls, now that this new ice age dawns. bring slaughter & ruins to the bears, those bears who guard the secrets of what you could become. & being that, you build again. till the green retreats, replaced with lights that never waver. who are the bears now for you!

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