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blind guardian- war of wrath
neutral milk hotel- holland, 1945
the decemberists- chimbly sweep
gundam wing- i'll kill you
the mountain goats- no children
gundam wing- are you still going to kill me?
the decemberists- the bagman's gambit
cocorosie- not for sale
the shins- kissing the lipless
star wars- if you only knew the power of the dark side
animal collective- who could win a rabbit
frank black- pray for the girls
neutral milk hotel- two-headed boy
cocorosie- candy land
ronald regan- outlaw communism forever
tv on the radio- ambulance
the decemberists- red right ankle
the unicorns- tuff ghost
dresden dolls- missed me
from dusk till dawn- everybody be cool
scout nibblet- dance of sulphur
cocorosie- terrible angels
rilo kiley- the absence of god
Tags: cd

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