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aloha means hello & goodbye.

the goonies- hey you guys!
ben folds- zac & sara
they might be giants- critic intro
they might be giants- robot parade
they might be giants- man it's so loud in here
nerf herder- mister spock
e- the only thing i care about
pulp fiction-ezekial 25:17
johnny cash- big iron
the devil makes three- the plank
the decemberists- chimbly sweep
animal collective- who could win a rabbit
elf power- skeleton
the bogmen- suddenly
all girl summer fun band- charm bracelet
rilo kiley- wires & waves
whale- crying at airports
neutral milk hotel- song against sex
darkest of the hillside thickets- 20 minutes of oxygen
cocorosie- butterscotch
tv on the radio- mister grieves
star wars- if you only knew the power of the dark side
jason brannon- star wars gangsta rap
kill bill- sword swings
minibosses- mega man ii
rasputina- five fleas

they might be giants- am i awake
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