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i've been trying to put the bulk of the comics i've read up onto the site bibliophil, but it is slow fucking going, since i'm also trying to include a little blurb review as i move through them. so far i'm up through about "f.", i've read a lot of comic books since i convinced fordmadoxfraud to put in a new section. maybe too many. an execerbating factor besides, you know, liking super-villians & co, is the fact that comic books are the perfect slacking-off read. pick it up, read, & when a customer comes in you can put it right back down. it is perfectly segmented off by the nature of the medium.

(excuse me, it is hard to concentrate, with kromelizard talking about his ass-pimple. "primary cause is body hair!" he proudly proclaims, which is fmf's que to start talking about his friend's neck abcess, ad nausea. okay! seeping wounds...i suggested that kl dub his "sarlacc.")

last night was the first of dog sitting. the end.

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