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hey, remember that time that aaron mcgruder wrote that scathing political satire? except totally betrayed his premise by including magic? i mean, i'm all for magic. but when you are writing a book dealing with the secession of broke-down 'hood? don't play it like that! q: "what would be the consequences if east st. louis quit being part of america? do you think there would be serious repercussions?" a: "hey, i bet there would be some serious fucking kick-back if free energy exsisted!" good one, punk! by which i mean to say, i read the new boondock's book, eh. whatever. i also recently watched shawn of the dead & pauley shore is dead. good, eh; not so good, eh. what? i'm supposed to feel other than ambivilent about mediocre media? the fuck? anyhow, i'm off tonight to go crash at carla's place on the upper east side, so we can dog-sit. which should be a load of fun. also, lately i've had some weird fucking onion craving, to the tune of devouring generic-ass funyons & onion bagels & getting jenny to make her awesome macaroni & cheese. things have been real nice lately. which, i assume, is the calm before the storm.

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