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it came...from saturn! lurid shapes moving within the slime-laden mantle of the alien thing, tentacles as hideous as a their stinging caress! it was the last of its kind, the last day, the saturn-day! saturday, old foe! now you have come to this benighted blue sphere, where dwells the memetic colony...mordicai! called in the first empire "mem," i will try my strength against you! saturday! again you seek to encircle me with your grappling arms & snuff the black fire that burns in my breast! saturday, i strive against you time & time again, always the victor! this world & yours are doomed, for i am m! i am the omega to alphabet of the universe! first, in complete defiance of your lethargy attack...i woke up early & took the train to flatbush, where i opened up the store fifteen minutes early! enjoy...defeat! enjoy the further defeat at the hands of my mate, who came to work to keep my company! oh, but your insidious minions, the baby mice, do frustrate & confound me, eating corn-starch peanuts beneath the metal book shelves.

experimental dance, my one true passion! a lie, true...but one with a grain of truth, wiggled within it to form a beautiful pearl! that grain? that i went to an experimental dance performance yesterday! take that! jenny & kira & i went to go see jodi perform, but we got there late & missed jodi's big dance, where she pretends to be a boy, thereby making a stunning commentary on gender! uh. we did get to see her have a rubber glove fetish. afterwords, we all went to this guy howard's "i am a 15 year old mexican girl" party. apparently i didn't understand what was going on since i wasn't raised in the south-west. probably true! you can not be sure, however, with my mysterious past. that wasn't so bad until it was miserable. i mean, while the margaritas were flowing, i was having fun. but those girls! get into this conversation cycle! i havn't been near it in a while. when they used too live together, i'd just go into the other room. but by this point we were done buying the too expensive margarita pitchers, & the girls anyhow were a little drunk. also by this point, everyone else had drifted into their noisy cliques, so there was no new small talk to make nor a low enough ambient noise level so slide into a circle. but then, we left, leaving was okay, despite the wall of rain.

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