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the popularity contest!

the tolling of the bell cried out across that land, that friday. as the echoes died out, all that was heard was the single, squeaking wheel of a wooden hand-cart, loaded with dirty laundry, pushed by a boy in faded black rags whose eyes were dark coals, smoldering. as he passed the botanica, a flock of crows were scattered helter-skelter from before him, & he whirled! drawing from underneath the piles of clothes an assault rifle with one swift motion, he spun with all the speed of a striking cobra, framed by that corvid-halo. there, crossing the muddy street, was a girl! matched machine pistols were in each hand, & as she threw down & began to fire, behind her was roused to flight a flock of doves, who in a single orderly swath split the sky! rat-a-tat-tat! then, the ping! ping! ping! of shells hitting the cobblestones.

then after we were done doing laundry (also, jenny bought a trash can & i fixed the jungle gym closet), we sat around the apartment. i had a head-full of angels, their wings chattering & buzzing, but i solved that riddle with a salad & white wine. such a thing to have! such a tonic, a balm. it was all very walz, with jenny going about her errands, & mordicai going about his mess(age). ignore the screams of the seraphim, mordicai. think about your newly crafted dc origin story. i am ade-mardukai, a pre-human creature of the same race as teth-adam. long before teth-adam became mighty adam, black adam, i was the familiar spirit of vlarem, the cosmic champion. like captain marvel junior, i did not say the power word of my master, but rather his name...i said SHAZAM! to become black mordicai. now i am alive again, & i seek only vengence against the wizard who has forsaken me. think about that, rather than the universe inside of me.

as the train pullled into the union station with a final, steam-spewing chug, mordicai that wicked gunslinger, stepped out of the dinner car. tossing back a swig from a flask & pulling the pocked watch from his vest pocket, he looked about for the prarie-girl, evitalerue. he found her & led her through the mean allies of new york, his hand idling along his holsters. they ate at some kind of china-man restraunt, where in the back room behind rice paper many men in black could be seen being trained in the fighting arts of the orient. their bellies full with lager, the two boarded another train, heading for more desolate parts. the saloon they came to then (like the doom that came to sarnath, came up out of the river) was a gaming establishment, where they caroused with cards, & dice, & other games besides.

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