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the enemy gang's turf! to....williamsburg, home of sickening plauges stalking the streets in human form! of art ghettos & renovated spaces, of public outcry against space-elevators! here, the common man is at his most common, his most base & degraded. foes abound! the natural enemy of the authentic nerd is the faker, those who glide their think-rimmed gaze along geek chic! unfortunate is mordicai, then, this prince of super-natural mien, for williamsburg is where he goes. zounds! with his one true love & partner in crime, shazam! they are off, speeding on a locamotive more powerful than kal-el! & they arrive. they have arrived, they are here. where the splendour of twin peaks is splashed on the screen! oh gotham romance me! the city i live in where i can get drinks & watch special agent dale cooper do his stuff. crawling about in the curtained room. but wait, there is more! that mad scientist, the ill scientist, is here as fact, mister mordicai malice-monger & jenny the red are here at his behest! into his lair they have come, for who can make war with them! the answer is soon clear: no one! tearing that sultan of science from the wrinkled bossom of brooklyn, they are off! justice will not prevail today!

rachael! rebecca! a whole bunch of guys! pitchers of beer! confusion! puzzlement! experiance the jangling montage the evening becomes! liquid is poured down throats, & memories vanish like they are shadows that fire-crackers have been thrown at! bang! pow! crack! lets talk slop about books! you betcha! zingers fly! fingers are broken! then! when all seems lost...jenny! that pristine girl! to look at her is to have your heart broken! tan, in charge! the dress she's wearing could kill a man with lonesome lust! her boots make her...the stompa! those boots are made for walking, so thats just what we'll do! up & at 'em! she takes me by the arm & leads me to a sheltered isle. we feast on coconuts & papaya! thank you, grey man! then, disaster! horrible disaster. the treachery of the sentient subway! we end up at the cortex of its body....fort hamilton station! the walk home is not pleasent! there is to be no sex for mordicai. woe betides him! the squall sweeps him out to sea. like godzilla, he always returns to the sea.

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