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old lady.

flo: "do you have conan, c-o-n-a-n?"
m: "is that the author, or as in 'the barbarian?'"
flo: [mumbles]
m: "huh?"
flo: [exasperated stare]
m: "conan?"

flo: "sherlock?"
m: "ohh...are you looking for a particular story?"
flo: [incredulous at my stupidity] "all of them?"
m: "oh, you are looking for a collected works? sorry, we don't really have anything like that."
flo: [indignant] "yes you do!"
m: "what?"
flo: "you sold it to my whole class!"
m: "okay, this is a text for a course?"
flo: "yes."
m: "..."
flo: "well?"
m: "what class is it?"
flo: "english?"
m: "what number?"
flo: [stares]
m: "do you know the course number?"
flo: [cow-eyes]
m: "...okay. do you know the professor?" [walks up & down aisles looking at english classes]
flo: [blink]
m: "i can't see anything, but then, i don't really know where i should be looking."
flo: [dumbstruck]
m: "if you knew the class, maybe i could..."
flo: "if i told you the professor, would that help?"
m: "...sigh. yes. probably."
flo: "natov."
m: [fiddles with computer] "is that english 40.4?"
flo: "maybe. is it professor natov?"
m: "um, yes, thats why i pulled it up. it has a sherlock holmes book listed, but we don't have it."
flo: "why not?!"
m: "it is the end of the semester. we're gearing up for the summer right now."
flo: [squints]
m: "also, we need to return the unsold books to the publishers to get our money back."
flo: "well, will you check to see if you have it?"
m: "we don't have it. but i'll check." [checks] "nope, don't have it."
flo: "when will you get it back in?"
m: "never. we sent it away. we sent it back."
flo: "oh, okay."
m: [turns to help another customer]
flo: "excuse me, i'm not finished!"
m: "oh, i'm sorry. what else can i help you with?"
flo: "so you don't have it?"
m: "no."
flo: [furrows brow]
m: "?"
flo: "okay."


then some fat girls came in all valdes-rodriguez/sophie kinsella. barf.
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