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i finally, torturedly, finished the elementary particles. appallingly founded on lunatic conclusions, insane assumptions available to stupid europeans. i'm dilletante enough (or inter-discipline, if you prefer flattery) to have some actual dappled backround in a variety of sciences, which aparantly, jack-ass frog-boy doesn't. how can i possibly encapsulate the book? its terrible beyond even the actual corpus! the fucker says at one point that history has been on the decline since the fifteenth century! yeah, you know how good they had it in the 1400's! fucker, you absolute fucker. by the way? giving every one in the world the same genome isn't a good move, sucker. but whatever, whatever. also, um, sexual reproduction is better than asexual. just, fuck. listen! i thought i was going to be on your side! i support the hive over the individual, especially when the "individual" is pretty much a shallow illusion! i agree with the needs of post-humanism! but fuck man, just...fuck. the nuts & bolts of your argument are so broken, so stupid. i mean, you keep bringing up darwin when discussing genetics! darwin isn't about genetics, darwin didn't have any fucking clue about genomes! i'm pissed i read your book about stupid hippies & the children of stupid hippies. bruno was okay at his mother's death bed, & michel was okay when he was being a huge sociopath, but fuck you man; i hope the atrocities committed on bruno are auto-biographical. also, the batman comic i read this morning, the flour cutting the bad coke of this novel? terrible. anarkay? was a shitty stand in for v. he used fucking quartz crystals to trap etrigan's "madness," darkseids "evil," & batman's "good." not a good day for the written word (or the drawn picture, for that matter!) at least stephen chow's kung fu hustle was good, as predicted (but shaolin soccer was better.)

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