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bad fish! the title of this sad chapter in the history of escapadia mordicain. when jenny got home last night we took off for geido, a sushi joint on flatbush. low marks! the food was fine taste-wise, though the fish cakes & fried ice cream i could have done without. the real sin...bad fish! bad fish cries the crowd, full of vinegar & hate! i think maybe it was the ebi- i noticed the last piece looked a little grievous as i ate it. we walked home, thinking the rumbling in our bellies was just being over-full. she gave me gifts! a dream-catcher that she'd made, & "that which is not to be spoken of." suffice to say, a gift pleasing to the eye! we had sex, & then filled up her flask with vodka & headed into manhattan. by then it had become clear...bad fish! we went to see andrew's band "guns on high street" play at the continental, & were met by carla, fordmadoxfraud, kromelizard, dantelong, & martak. a missing id took the illscientist out of action, as my cell phone informed me on my way home. mostly drank horribly over-priced beer, snuck a little vodka into some ginger ale, you know? at one point andrew foisted a shot onto me; after which i made my way to the shitter to void my guts. little pieces of sea weed floating in the toilet bowl! felt a million times better afterwards, though. bad more! taking a cab home was the best solution to the after-hours problem. fell asleep having drunken sleepy sex, too. so that is what happened to me on my birthday. also some girl was totally giving me the eyes all night, but i told chris she was giving him the gaze so he'd distract her! my plans are never foiled!
Tags: birthday

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