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i've rid my bones of poison.

there will be ghosts; fucking tearing their way through the caul that seperates the quick & the dead. & there will be the slow, too, those who just ain't quite dead- the zombies. sure, talons everywhere, wraithly & otherwise. you can't expect the end of the world to be tidy. just because human beings don't have souls don't mean they can't come back. hell, what did you think was going to happen? we practically turned the world into a cemetary. everybody knows graveyards are haunted, right? you can't pluck the fruit of the bone orchard without checking the apples for worms, if you follow my sloppy metaphors. so just think about the girls, bathing naked at the oasis, & keep on killing. a hard on in your pocket & a hard iron in your hand. you fucking monkey, just keep shooting like i've told you. do like mordicai says & everything will come off a-okay. this is why you are hashashin. now i'm old at 26, now i'm the old man of the god-damn mountain. so you follow orders & you will spend your afterlife in paradise, okay? just like jesus said.

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