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try to deduce the identity of the killler!

here comes the calvary, hoar-frost around their mount's lips. here comes the polar cave-bears, wearing armor carved of meteorites! here comes the brilliant contortionist, body pretzaling about a sword, legs the snakes of a cadacus. put your nagging suspicions aside, thrust away your doubt, & come fly with the court unseelie! fuck, man, lets drench ourselves in the blood of the innnocent & wear the entrails our our enemies as adornment. it'll be a party, come on! & when our appetites are wheedled into awakening? we'll draw our swords & pistols, our dominos & knuckle-bones. come on admiral nimitz, general sherman! come on every scofflaw with a checkered past! lets slit open every lily coloured belly, every maggoty white one of them! all in mail, never clinking!

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